What are leads looking for on your website?

Subtext shows a full history of the pages a user has visited before and after they convert.

Jumpstart sales

With Subtext your sales team sees which features a lead was looking for. In the screenshot below, the potential customer is clearly interested in software for pressurization test stands (whatever that is). Now sales can jump right in and ask about the lead’s test stand in their first email.

UTM parameters
Landing page

Subtext extracts and shows all UTM parameters so you know if leads came via a blog, an ad or a newsletter. See which website referred them and on which of your pages they landed.

Easy to integrate

Include a JavaScript-snippet on the pages you want to track and add a hidden input field to your signup-forms. When a user submits the form, Subtext inserts the session-ID alongside the form data.

Track user sessions on your website

  <!-- Subtext Analytics tracking code -->
  <script defer data-webprop="YOUR_ID" src="https://getsubtext.com/js/client-7f886a02aa4339ab1e1a1fc479767bc5.js?vsn=d"></script>

Connect a lead to their session

<form action="/">
  <!-- Hidden field into which Subtext injects the session ID -->
  <input data-subtext-session-id type="hidden">

  <!-- The rest of your form -->
  <input name="email" type="text">

GDPR and CCPA ready

Learn what leads are interested in

Give sales the full user journey so they understand what a lead is looking for.